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the good, the bad and the ugly


The good the bad and the ugly is a research on the tension field between “victims and heroes” in the vulnerable neighborhoods of Eindhoven.

As citizens, we often deal passively with governance and urban planning because we are just not part of the decision-making process. Yet as humans, we have a remarkable talent for transforming an environment to provide everything we need. We are genetically and evolutionarily programmed to increase our chances of survival and to detect the affordance to adapt or change what surrounds us to meet our needs (J.J. Gibson, 1979).

In this way, in addition to helpless “victims” of urban planners, developers and architects, we become “heroic” protagonists and reclaim our daily spaces. Because the city is able to metabolize no matter what fuck-up, as my teacher architect P. Desideri used to say.

By photo shooting the public liminal spaces of “my neighborhood” I perhaps allow myself to release my own inner “hero” – and rescue some of that pervasive spatial enforcement into some kind of majestic beauty.

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